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Premium's Hot Jobs Radio Interview

Hear what our Recruitment Advisor, Jack, had to say about Premium Mechanical Group’s hot jobs on offer. “Long term

July 01, 2021
Premium's Hot Jobs Radio Interview

Hear what our Recruitment Advisor, Jack, had to say about Premium Mechanical Group’s hot jobs on offer. “In our

July 01, 2021
Naidoc week 2021

Premium Mechanical Group acknowledges the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their

June 29, 2021

Premium Mechanical Group is excited to announce that we have launched our carbon emissions initiative to provide an

June 02, 2021

As FIFO workers, the last thing you want to be thinking about during your time off is taking care of your taxes.

May 31, 2021
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Australia has made amazing progress in breaking down the stigma surrounding mental illness, and Premium Mechanical

May 26, 2021
Pink ute that has been custom mine specificed

Mining Vehicle Specifications Our Project Manager, Brooke, spoke to Mining HQ to discuss how PMG’s first-hand

March 25, 2021
pmg edit

Our General Manager, Michael, spoke with Mining HQ to discuss the reasons behind our recent growth in the mining sector

March 19, 2021
team pic edit scaled

Our General Manager, Michael, spoke with Mining HQ to discuss the challenges faced by FIFO workers and how Premium

March 19, 2021
Mining Jobs - Premium Mechanical Group

The Fly In/ Fly Out career path has become increasingly popular in Western Australia with over 60,000 workers.

February 25, 2021
FIFO HD Diesel Mechanic

With around 8,000 Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanics active in Australia, competition for jobs can be tight. Working with

November 11, 2020
plant mechanic jobs australia

Mine sites around Australia rely on High Voltage Electricians – also called HV Electricians – to keep the site

November 11, 2020
FIFO Boilermaker Welder

Boilermaker Welders provide essential services that keep mining and construction operations running. From routine

November 11, 2020
Liebherr 9800 Nightshift with field utes

One of the biggest industries in Western Australia is mining. This is unsurprising, as Western Australia is one of the

April 02, 2020

The mining industry is one of the most lucrative industries in Australia, particularly in Western Australia. Indeed,

March 31, 2020
Field Service Support

One of the most important jobs in a mining site is maintenance. In particular, electricians have the critical

March 26, 2020
on site mechanic jobs

Due to the growth of the mining industry in Western Australia, it’s no wonder why there has been such a rise in

March 03, 2020
LV030 on-site equipment repair

Mining is currently one of Western Australia’s most profitable industries. So it’s no wonder why many mining

February 28, 2020
Premium Mechanical Group Field Services Mine

Are you currently looking for HD fitter jobs? Aside from the necessary experience, certifications, and licences, you

February 19, 2020
Auto Electrician Jobs

One of the most important occupations in mining sites are HV electrician jobs. Also known as high-voltage electricians,

January 27, 2020
HD Fitter Job - Premium Mechanical

Are you interested in a rewarding career in the mining industry? One of the options you have is to apply for HD fitter

January 24, 2020
HD Fitter - Premium Mechanical

Considering that the mining industry contributes greatly to Western Australia’s economy, it’s easy to see why

January 22, 2020
Fifo Jobs

With a lot of remote areas in the country teeming with valuable resources, the mining industry continues to bolster

January 20, 2020
Fifo Jobs

Western Australia has booming natural resource industries, particularly those associated with mining. As such, more and

January 07, 2020
Mining Jobs

Mining is one of the biggest industries in Western Australia. Owing to its location and rich topography, the state is

January 06, 2020
HD Fitters

Mining is a billion-dollar industry in Australia. It employs thousands of people who extract valuable commodities like

January 04, 2020
Auto Electrician

Vehicles have come a long way since 1885, when Karl Benz developed the first petrol-powered automobile. From

December 31, 2019
fifo jobs

Western Australia’s resource sector is booming, so it’s unsurprising that FIFO mining jobs in Australia are

November 04, 2019
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Mining has long been a key player in Australia’s growing economy, and it looks like the industry has no plans on

October 24, 2019
Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanics

Western Australia’s economy is heavily dependent on mining, and this mining industry, in turn, relies on the talents

September 30, 2019
drill fitter jobs Australia

Diesel fitters are among the most crucial members of any mining operation. In Western Australia, even smaller mining

September 23, 2019
Diesel Mechanic Jobs

There are a lot of openings for diesel mechanic jobs in Western Australia right now, and it’s a great time for anyone

August 28, 2019
Mining Jobs - Premium Mechanical Group

As many people who live in Western Australia know, mining is the lifeblood of the state, with the mining industry

August 13, 2019
shutdown jobs WA

If you look at job listings in Western Australia, chances are that you will come across the term “shutdown jobs” or

July 30, 2019

Most Australians sometimes forget how truly massive the country actually is. The size of the country, the remoteness of

July 21, 2019
fifo jobs wa

The fly-in fly-out FIFO job Australia contract, an employment arrangement created specifically for long-distance work

June 17, 2019
premium mechanical penrite partnership

Premium Mechanical Group has announced a new partnership with Penrite Racing, ahead of this weekend’s Darwin Triple

June 14, 2019
premium mechanical mobile

Two unique features of the mining operations model in Australia—introduced in the 1980s with the surge of the fuel,

May 29, 2019
Liebherr lv110

Working in a mine is not for the faint of heart, but the rewards of being a part of the industry are too great to

May 24, 2019
Premium Mechanical - Drill Fitter Jobs Australia

This News update is going to cover the recent advertisements you may have seen for Drill Fitter jobs Australia. So,

March 19, 2019
Premium Mechanical Mobile Plant

In this second instalment of Premium News, we will touch on the services Premium Mechanical Group can offer Mining

March 13, 2019
Premium Mechanical Blog

Welcome to the first update to the new Premium News section on our website. The idea behind these news articles is to

February 26, 2019