Mobile Maintenance – Shutdown Work in the Mines

Mobile Maintenance – Shutdown Work in the Mines

Mobile Maintenance – Shutdown Work in the Mines.

If you are new to the mining industry in Western Australia, you may be unaware of the term “shutdown” work meaning. However, shutdown work is a crucial element of keeping sustainable availability to the assets for the long term.

Essentially, during a shutdown, all the maintenance tasks or replacement of components that couldn’t be completed within the required planned servicing schedule is completed on the shutdown.

Clients need a competent and efficient team to come in and complete all the planned maintenance as safe and efficiently as possible (whilst maintaining high-quality workmanship) to ensure that the mine can rapidly get back to its regular operations.

Shutdowns are usually planned out in advance before they happen, as they take careful organising to complete efficiently. However, some mine sites are forced to undergo unscheduled shutdowns because of safety issues or mechanical breakdowns.

Mobile Maintenance Shutdown Jobs – Opportunities 

Shutdown jobs are often ad hoc rosters and positions and an excellent option for those only looking for a short-term commitment. For example, if you have the right qualifications, you could work on a few shutdown jobs between spouts of travelling and get by nicely.

For example, as a leading mining employment agency in WA, Premium Mechanical Group has a full shutdown schedule that spans different locations across the year. Therefore, Premium employees have the incredible flexibility to pick and choose when to work from the shutdown schedule.

The schedule also offers highly diverse types of work, keeping things exciting and challenging for those involved. This level of variety is exceedingly important to those in the mining industry, as many report higher job satisfaction when faced with new challenges and opportunities for innovation in the workplace.

Mobile Maintenance shutdowns usually require the following tradespeople:

  • HD Mechanics
  • Automotive Electricians
  • Boilermakers
  • Trade Assistants


In WA, mobile maintenance shutdown jobs are often in regional locations, such as the Goldfields or in the Pilbara. If you live in Perth, working a shutdown job may mean becoming a Fly in Fly out worker.

FIFO work has its opportunities and obstacles. For example, the rates are often exceptional, and many enjoy rosters that give them extended time off to travel. However, the work can be isolating as you are away from your family and friends for long stretches of time. Check out our recent blog on FIFO life to find out more.

Jobs in the Mines

Whenever you are seeking a job in the mines, whether it be shutdown work or otherwise, make sure you find an employer with flexibility. Don’t compromise on your lifestyle or mental health for the sake of your work.

Premium Mechanical Group currently has over 70 projects on the go and plenty of jobs available. We show you that we put our employees first and offer roster flexibility no matter where you fit into our team. To find out more about Premium jobs available now, click here.

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