A Guide to FIFO Mining Jobs

Understanding the FIFO Mining jobs with Premium Mechanical Group.

A Guide to FIFO Mining Jobs

Western Australia’s resource sector is booming, so it’s unsurprising that FIFO mining jobs in Australia are abundant. With so many mining jobs wa vacancies available, aspiring candidates are eager to apply for these positions in hopes of getting better pay. However, not everyone is familiar with the term FIFO and what makes FIFO miners different from other workers. In this piece, we’ll take a look at what it means to be a FIFO miner and what it’s like to live the FIFO life.

What Is a FIFO Job?

FIFO is the abbreviated term for “fly-in-fly-out.” It’s a method of employment where companies temporarily fly their workers near the worksite, so their employees (and their families) won’t have to relocate to a new city or town permanently. The typical arrangement for FIFO workers is that they work for a number of days and are flown back to their hometowns to get some days to rest in return. Because of this setup, FIFO has become one of the most commonly used hiring systems in the mining industry since the mines are located in remote areas.

What is the FIFO Life?

Being away from their homes and families for days on end can sometimes place some stress on FIFO miners. As such, labour hire sydney are starting to offer various accommodations to help keep their workers’ mental and physical health in check. Some of these facilities include basic rooms, gyms, pools, tennis courts, and even a movie theatre. What’s more, the workers’ living costs are well-taken care of, so they don’t have to worry about their meals, laundry, and other needs while living on the site.

During their days off, FIFO miners will typically spend almost as much time at home as at work. Thanks to this, they’re able to catch up with their families and have enough time to pursue their other interests.

Do FIFO Miners Get Paid Well?

Miners typically work for 10 to 12 hours a day, and by adding the fly-in-fly-out element, it means the job is suited to those who don’t mind putting in a little hard work for a solid reward. To compensate for the challenging work environment, mining companies offer competitive salaries, which are often 30% to 50% more than the average wage in Australia. They also give their FIFO workers an additional allowance to make up for having to spend a lot of time away from home. Of course, salaries will depend on the position of the worker. For example, miners can earn up to $105,346 annually while mining maintenance engineers can earn up to $146,173 per year. In short, FIFO miners are paid well for all their hard work.

Working in the mines is both dangerous and stressful, so it’s easy to see why FIFO jobs wa aren’t tailored to everybody. However, for those who are interested in working in the industry, they can expect to be generously compensated. As Australia’s mining sector continues to grow, mining companies are increasingly creating a job environment where their workers can feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. They also make sure that their miners are well compensated to help attract and retain their skilled staff. Plus, FIFO miners get a fair amount of free time, so they can still spend their free days with their families and enjoy doing other activities they love. 

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