Premium Support Specialists

Premium Support Specialists

Premium Support Specialists

At Premium Mechanical Group we understand the substantial value of experienced, qualified professionals. This is why we have an elite team of highly skilled and experienced workers with a reputation for exceeding expectations.

Our Premium Support Team is one of highly experienced, first-class tradespeople in mining maintenance available for long- or short-term hire.

This is a premium service, which gathers together professionals with:

  • Have passed our stringent selection process
  • Equipped with custom-build Land Cruiser vehicle
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) training
  • Guaranteed match of selection criteria to resume
  • Proven reputation for performance
  • Mentor and training capabilities

Members of the Premium Support Team have a personal reputation in the industry – their name is synonymous with quality execution and extensive knowledge.

When a position is filled with a Premium Support Team member, there is a guaranteed match with need and skill which takes the guesswork out of hiring for a vital role.

As well as their outstanding skill, these professionals had demonstrated an ability to train and mentor those around them, which means they leave a workplace more capable than when they arrived.

Premium Support, as its name suggests, is a premium service and premium quality. In an industry where labour shortage is a problem and many applicants bring minimal experience, this service cannot be underestimated.

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