An Overview of Diesel Mechanic Jobs in WA’s Mining Industry

Understand the role and responsibilities of a Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic in WA.

An Overview of Diesel Mechanic Jobs in WA’s Mining Industry

Western Australia’s economy is heavily dependent on mining, and this mining industry, in turn, relies on the talents of thousands of skilled diesel mechanics to keep the state’s many mining sites running safely and smoothly.

Due to the low cost of diesel fuel and their ability to generate comparatively huge amounts of torque from a standstill, diesel engines power virtually every piece of heavy machinery in Western Australia’s mining jobs wa industry. Everything, from drill rigs to earthmoving machines are usually powered by diesel engines. Even support equipment such as marine craft and shuttle vehicles are often diesel-powered to simplify fuel logistics.

With dozens or even hundreds of diesel engines on any given mining site, it’s not a surprise that diesel mechanic jobs are always in high demand in Western Australia. The harsh conditions experienced by mining equipment maintenance and the wide variety of diesel engines and machinery on every mining site also means there is a constant demand for both specialist and general diesel mechanic jobs within the industry.

What is a diesel mechanic expected to do at a mining site?

Diesel mechanics in mining sites take charge of the diagnostics, maintenance, repair, and occasional rebuilding of the different types of diesel engines used on site. Due to the isolation of many mining sites, the specialised nature of many types of equipment, and the difficult conditions mining equipment has to go through on a daily basis, most mining sites need to have a team of diesel mechanics and fitters on-site to perform maintenance and repairs on the worksite.

Being in a mining site offers a different type of challenge compared to working in a typical machine shop. Heavy duty mechanic jobs in remote sites entail working on heavy equipment outdoors rather than inside a shop. However, there are also often small machine shops for servicing smaller diesel engines as well.

Specialised heavy equipment mechanic jobs are especially in demand at many Western Australia mining sites, and salaries for diesel mechanics working in the industry are quite high by national standards. Some statistics estimate the median salary of WA heavy duty diesel mechanics job Australia to be upwards of $112,000 a year, which is easily one of the highest rates for heavy duty mechanic jobs in Australia. Experienced diesel mechanics can also expect to earn even more than this.

What type of HD mechanic jobs are paid more?

Specialised diesel mechanic jobs are generally paid more compared to more general diesel mechanic openings. The types of specialised jobs in the mining mechanic industry include but are not limited to the following:

Drill On Site Mechanics. Drill rigs and similar types of equipment are often powered by diesel engines.

Marine diesel mechanics. Worksites near coastal areas and other bodies of water will often need different types of marine craft.

Power plant mechanics Jobs. Remote worksites may have their own power generation facilities, and these can sometimes be driven by diesel generators.

Logistics mechanics. Diesel-powered trucks and other types of vehicles needed to supply and operate remote sites need regular maintenance by teams of mechanics.

Hopefully, that answered some of the questions you may have had about diesel mechanic jobs on remote sites in Western Australia. Be sure to check out the individual requirements for each mechanic job listing to maximise your chances of getting the job you want.

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