An Overview of FIFO Jobs Australia

Understanding the responsibilities of a FIFO worker.

An Overview of FIFO Jobs Australia

Most Australians sometimes forget how truly massive the country is. The size of the country, the remoteness of many important mineral resources, and the relatively low population density have led to the rise of FIFO Jobs Australia

FIFO jobs, short for “fly-in, fly-out jobs” are jobs in hard-to-reach areas where employees have to be flown out to for their rosters. Unlike in a typical job, employees stay at a FIFO site for the entire duration of their roster period, which could be anywhere from 8 days to 3 weeks. At the end of their roster period, employees are then flown back home or to a suitable transportation hub, where they can rest for extended periods typically 5 days to a week straight.

This work-life arrangement is often seen by many people in the mining and construction industry as highly desirable, as it allows workers to spend extended periods with their family at regular intervals, and because there is no need to move permanently to another town to get the job.

FIFO arrangements are most often compared and contrasted with “DIDO” (drive in, drive out jobs). As the name suggests, DIDO jobs involve the employee driving themselves to the work site, and driving themselves out. These arrangements are often seen as less desirable for workers as the driving isn’t always easy or safe, especially when you’re already exhausted after days on the work site.

What industries typically offer FIFO jobs?

Most FIFO jobs Australia based companies offer are related to mining. However, this doesn’t mean one has to be a miner or a geologist to get these work arrangements. A wide range of support positions is typically available including logistics, storekeeping, clerical work, and virtually most jobs you might expect in a worksite based near a town or other urban environment.

The specific categories of jobs may also change depending on the area. FIFO jobs in Australia companies offer may, for instance, be more related to mining and construction, while those in other areas may be more related to forestry and related fields.

Who can get a FIFO job?

Virtually anyone can get a FIFO job if they have the right professional qualifications. These specific qualifications will be different for each job since most of the jobs at FIFO sites will be different as well.  Generally speaking, however, it helps to have the following when applying for a FIFO position:

  • Australian Recognised Trade Certificate (when applicable)
  • Valid Driver’s Licence (when applicable)
  • Reference checks  
  • Police clearance

Common types of FIFO jobs Australia

As we mentioned earlier, there’s a huge diversity of skills needed at most remote work sites. Some FIFO job openings that are typically available may include but are not limited to:

As you may have noticed, not all the available jobs are directly involved with the actual mining, forestry, or construction work. Plenty of careers are usually available for the types of jobs necessary to keep a worksite efficient, safe, and comfortable.

Given Australia’s vastness and the current state of its job market, it’s likely most mining, construction, and forestry companies will keep offering FIFO jobs not just to attract the best workers, but also to offer safer, more comfortable working conditions for everyone in remote job sites. 

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