Do you have the correct trade certification for your role?

Premium Mechanical Group is committed to Occupational Health and Safety.

Do you have the correct trade certification for your role?

Premium Mechanical Group is always on the lookout for talented, passionate individuals to join our team. However, safety always comes first. The only way to ensure a safe and productive work environment is for all of our employees to have the correct, up-to-date trade certifications.

Recently, our team has noticed an increase in people applying for mining and FIFO jobs while unaware they do not have the correct trade certification.

Therefore, we can assume that these individuals may have been working throughout WA sites at risk of an incident, and are liable for failing to ensure they had the correct training. This isn’t necessarily the candidate’s fault; you may have been misled in previous roles that your certification level was suitable. However, you must obtain the correct trade certifications to continue working.

Why would a mining recruitment agency supply tradespeople without the correct certifications?

There are many answers to this question. However, often it is an issue of not comprehending the risk, and not forming a sound understanding of how they could compromise both the tradesperson and their client. Also, many decisions to provide underqualified workers are based on attempting to grow profit margins. Misleading the client in this way may be good for the bottom line. However, the true cost could be the safety of those involved and the integrity of the project.

Unfortunately, cases of candidates with inadequate certifications being supplied to mining projects have risen throughout the mining industry. This may be due to the recent labour shortages, only worsened by continuous lockdowns on the east coast. However, it has become clear that this practice has existed in the industry for a long time, and many individuals have slipped through the cracks.

Clients rely on mining recruitment agencies to provide a fully certified crew to ensure their projects run smoothly. They shouldn’t have to be questioning their tradespeople’s credentials. Therefore, it is essential to partner with a mining labour hire agency that you can trust.

Premium Mechanical Group is committed to 100% transparency with our candidates and clients. We believe it is essential to be straightforward with our clients and ensure we are on the same page about our candidate’s trade certifications and level of experience, guaranteeing that we will find the ideal person for the role. Unlike other agencies, we will never send a candidate to the site without the required certifications.

What do I do if I don’t have the certifications required for a role?

There are many options for upskilling in your trade, and gaining the correct certifications may be much easier than you think. You can leverage your previous experience to upskill in your trade.

Premium Mechanical Group has recently introduced a streamlined trade upgrade program, allowing certain trades with relevant experience to gain the qualifications they need through a Recognition of Prior Learning model. You can work while you learn and receive mentorship from experienced team leaders. For all of the details on our Trade Up Program and to learn how to quickly get the certifications you need to open up a world of new opportunities in mining, see our Trade Up webpage.

Are my trade certifications from overseas valid in Australia?

This will depend on the kinds of trade certifications you have obtained, where you’ve obtained them and your level of experience.

To learn more about whether your international training will be recognised, please read the Trade Recognition Guidelines. You may need to obtain further certifications to be eligible to work in a mining job in Australia.

We have worked with many people who have trained overseas in the past. Therefore, feel free to call Premium Mechanical with any questions.

 Our Commitment to Bringing Skilled Trades Back to WA

At present, Premium Mechanical Group is focussing on bringing Western Australian-based tradespeople that currently work interstate or internationally back to WA worksites.

As a proud Western Australian-owned and operated business, we believe in supporting our local economy and communities by providing skilled trades roles to Western Australians.

Premium Mechanical Group prioritises our employees’ wellbeing and has witnessed that working closer to home can significantly improve our candidates’ experience within the mining industry.

To learn more about the variety of mining jobs and FIFO jobs available in Western Australia with Premium Mechanical Group, please browse our Jobs Webpage.

Contact Premium Mechanical Group for More Information

At Premium Mechanical, we are dedicated to finding solutions for our clients, candidates and employees. Our team is always open to answering any questions you may have about your trade certifications. Please do not hesitate to call us on 08 9314 7182 or send a written enquiry on our website.

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