Customise Your Mine Spec Vehicle

A man standing next to his customised Mine Spec Vehicle by Premium Mechanical Group

Customise Your Mine Spec Vehicle

Premium Mechanical Group prides itself on our 4wd and mine spec vehicle customisation capabilities.

Everyone who joins our Field Service team receives a mine spec ute, fully fitted with all you need to head up to the mines.

With all the custom jobs we’ve done for clients and new employees, we are experts in customising mine spec utes and other vehicles.

Here’s our industry insider scoop on what to consider when customising your mine spec vehicle…

Mine Spec Vehicle Features

To make sure our new employees are completely set up for their roles, we ensure all our mine spec vehicles have the following features:

  • Quality fittings from trusted suppliers.
    • Premium use Stedi lights throughout the vehicle, spotlights, work light and LED light bars.
    • Premium also use ARB Commercial bull bars.
  • Solar Panels and Dual Batteries
    • Run all your accessories off this system.
    • Never get stuck with a dead battery.
    • Voids the vehicle idling all day.
  • GVM Suspension
    • Protection from rough roads of rural WA.
  • Toolbox and Canopy Set up
    • Locally designed and manufactured at Rockbox Australia.
    • Light weight but extremely tough canopy.
    • Includes clever storage such as a slide-out tool drawer.

Mine Spec Vehicle Safety

Did you know your mine spec vehicle must comply with WA’s strict regulations?

If your mine spec vehicle doesn’t comply with WA’s Code of Practice and Standards, you are liable for any accidents that occur in the vehicle.

The first step to mine spec vehicle safety is getting your vehicle kitted out by reputable, experienced professionals.

We especially recommend this as policy and regulations are often changing.

All of Premium’s custom utes are fitted out in-house by our specialists to ensure quality. We keep up to date with all mining industry regulations, and all our vehicles comply with the most current safety requirements.

Spread Awareness for Worthy Causes with Your Ute

Your mine spec ute will do a lot of kilometres. Why not spread a positive message while you’re on your way?

For example, some of Premium’s utes are stickered with charity projects we are passionate about, including Blue Tree Project and Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. As we travel around, we share the message with the community.

Maintaining Your Mine Spec Vehicle

Regular maintenance of your mine spec vehicle is crucial. You need to catch problems with your vehicle before they cause an accident. (Not when it’s too late!)

Find trustworthy professionals that specialise in mine spec vehicle maintenance to ensure your safety.

Premium Mechanical Group has a fairly new fleet, with no vehicles over five years old, yet we still are dedicated to regular maintenance.

In fact, we have an entire department committed to keeping our employees safe. The department schedules maintenance, rectifies faults and adds new safety features when they become available.

Receive Your Own Mine Spec Vehicle as a Premium Employee

There are many reasons why we say Premium is a better place to work – flexible rosters, top rates, and a supportive, inclusive, diverse workplace.

But let’s be honest, the idea of your very own fully fitted out mine spec ute puts us over the top.

Check out the Field Service and Shutdown jobs available now, and you’ll be one step closer to receiving your customised mine spec ute!


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