How Mining Recruitment Agencies in Perth Can Help You Get Drill Fitter Jobs

Night shift with field utes at a mining site in WA.

How Mining Recruitment Agencies in Perth Can Help You Get Drill Fitter Jobs

One of the biggest industries in Western Australia is mining. This is unsurprising, as Western Australia is one of the country’s most resource-rich states. In fact, almost half of the entire country’s 340+ mines can be found in Western Australia.

The mining industry in the state employs more than 100,000 people and, together with the petroleum industry, contributes more than 80 per cent of Western Australia’s income. In 2017 to 2018 alone, the mining and petroleum industries had a combined value of $115 billion, with $88 billion generated by mining.

This bullish performance is expected to continue through the coming years. As such, mining companies also continue to actively look for skilled individuals who may be a perfect fit in a dynamic working environment. One such job that continues to be in-demand is that of drill fitters.

What Does a Drill Fitter Do?

Drill fitters are essentially HD or heavy-duty fitters. However, while HD fitters can work on a variety of machines, drill fitter jobs require expertise on drill rigs. In short, the requirements of HD fitter jobs are more general and that of drill fitter jobs are more specific.

Drill fitter jobs are critical in mining sites because drill rigs are some of the most important machines in mining. They are primarily used for exploration to help identify the location and quality of minerals. They are also critical in the production cycle when the minerals are milled and processed. If these drill rigs malfunction or get damaged, the mining site will not yield the expected output and can lead to financial losses. Damaged or malfunctioning drill rigs can also cause physical injuries.

Drill fitters are expected to conduct routine services on drill rigs such as safety inspections. More importantly, drill fitters should be knowledgeable in both fault diagnosis and mechanical repairs. Additional responsibilities include studying schematics and specifications of various drilling rigs.

How Do You Get a Drill Fitter Job in Australia?

To get a drill fitter job in Australia, you should first have the necessary education and training. At the very least, you should have the required training certificates and must also have completed the necessary apprenticeships. This will take about 1 to 4 years in total. A firm grasp of language and mathematical concepts are needed as well. Moreover, most if not all mining companies require drill fitters to have a minimum “C” Class driver’s licence. Finally, experience with specific kinds of drill rigs may prove advantageous. Some particular names you should look at are Atlas Copco and Sandvik.

Should You Work with Recruitment Agencies?

Once you have the qualifications, the next step is to find a job opening through internet searches, networking, or visiting mining sites. One of the best ways to find a drill fitter job, however, is to work with mining recruitment agencies. This is because they work directly with mining companies and therefore have the latest listings. As such, you’re less likely to miss out on the latest job openings. You also don’t have to monitor multiple companies. Instead, the recruitment agency can keep you updated on various opportunities from different organisations.

Both new job seekers and senior-level applicants can also benefit from working with mining recruitment agencies. Through their connections, mining recruitment agencies can ensure that you get a job that matches your skills and experience. You’re also likely to get better compensation packages. Why? Because it’s in the best interests of the recruiter to get you the best salary possible. A competitive salary is one of the things that can get you to say yes to the job. Once you say yes and get hired, the recruitment agency will earn more. In addition, they will also get a positive reputation with the mining company and will increase their chances of getting a repeat customer.

Another particular advantage of working with recruitment agencies is that they do most of the legwork for you. Once your CV is in their database, all you have to do is wait for them to contact you with a suitable role. If you feel the need to follow up, then you only have to call the agency itself instead of multiple offices.

Should they contact you with a job you like, simply give the agency permission to send your CV to the mining company. This will start the hiring process. If you’re currently in a mining job, it’s still a good idea to keep your CV on file. You can easily let the recruitment agency know if you’re actively looking for better opportunities. This level of convenience is simply unparalleled.

How Much Do Drill Fitters Get Paid Australia?

Earlier, we touched on how recruitment agencies can help you find drill fitter jobs and other mining-related jobs with the best salaries. Do you have any idea how much this “best salary” is? On average, drill fitters can earn about $80,000 to $97,000 per year. This amount can easily reach $136,000 to $200,000 depending on your years of experience and level of expertise. This ample compensation comes on top of other benefits such as travel and accommodation allowances, as well as long breaks from work.

If you want to improve your earning potential as a drill fitter, you may want to enrol in various skills programs. These are especially critical to keep yourself updated with the latest trends, software, and equipment. Additional training also comes in handy if you’re angling for a promotion. Once you receive training certifications, make sure to update your CV in the mining recruitment agency’s database with the relevant information. This way, the agency is informed that they can now negotiate higher salaries for you.

Finding a job can be quite a challenge for a lot of industries, but especially for highly competitive ones like mining. With the help of mining recruitment agencies, however, you can make the process so much easier.

Once you’ve acquired all the necessary qualifications, consider finding a drill fitter job through the help of these recruitment agencies. With the way the mining industry continues to thrive and evolve, you’ll surely find a rewarding career with a mining job.

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