How To Apply For A FIFO Job Successfully

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How To Apply For A FIFO Job Successfully

With a lot of remote areas in the country teeming with valuable resources, the mining industry continues to bolster Australia’s economy. As such, FIFO jobs in Australia also continue to be in demand. Indeed, FIFO jobs are among the most attractive career options, especially if you’re looking at the income potential alone.

Do you want to successfully apply for a FIFO job and work in a thriving industry? Here are some details you should keep in mind.

What is a FIFO Job?

FIFO stands in for fly-in, fly-out. This is a common method of employment in Australia’s mining industry. The mining company flies in their personnel to the work site for a couple of weeks, fly them back home for their “off” swing, and then back again. Depending on the arrangement between the employee and employer, the time spent off-site could be one or two weeks (with one week being more common).

Aside from miners, other kinds of FIFO jobs include HD fitters, engineers, and geologists. There are also a lot of support staff needed at a mining site, who may also be offered a FIFO working arrangement. These include logistics workers, clerical personnel, and even healthcare providers. If the mining site has an on-site kitchen (which they probably do), then they will also need cooks.

In short, if you’re interested in a FIFO job, it’s best to widen your scope. Mining companies don’t just need miners. There are a lot of working hands needed to make sure that everything in the mining site is running as smoothly as possible.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Miner?

To get a FIFO job, you need to pass certain qualifications. However, these will vary completely depending on what job you’re actually applying for. If you’re applying for a site administrator position, for example, then you should have sufficient years of experience in managing a mining site. If you’re seeking to fill a vehicle electrician post, then you should have certificates or tickets to prove that you’ve undergone training.

The key thing here is to do your research on the job you’re interested in and find out what kind of kinds of tickets you need to secure the job. If you want, you can apply for other positions for which you’re qualified, earn money for the courses, then get the tickets later. Once you’ve earned the ticket, re-apply for the job you want. Note that having the right kind of ticket can help increase your chances of getting a FIFO job successfully.

Another edge that you might have over the competition is if you have a trade. In addition, having experience and qualifications in fields like engineering and geology also increases your chances in landing a FIFO job. Finally, having the right licences (including a driver’s licence) and training in subjects like work health and safety can also put you ahead.

Do Miners Get Paid Well?

The salary range for miners is about $62,000 to nearly $200,000 per year for entry-level and tenured positions, respectively. So simply speaking, yes, miners are paid quite well.

In addition to excellent compensation, FIFO jobs also offer various benefits like free accommodations and meals. There are also top-notch facilities on-site, like health and fitness centres, as well as dining establishments. And because workers are away from “civilisation” for weeks at a time, some mining sites also ensure that they have sufficient options for entertainment. 

If you’re interested in FIFO jobs, good luck in successfully applying for one. Hopefully, these few points can help you land that post you want.


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