An In-Depth Look at WA’s Leading Mining Equipment Maintenance Service

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An In-Depth Look at WA’s Leading Mining Equipment Maintenance Service

Inside Premium Mechanical Group:

Since 2006, the Premium Mechanical Group (PMG) has been making waves in the mining equipment maintenance sector. What started as a humble venture with just one heavy diesel mechanic in his ute has now transformed into a dynamic personnel and labour hire service, reaching various corners of Australia. 

In this blog, we take a look at what makes PMG a drawcard for employees as we delve into the very ethos that propels PMG, our core services, our expert team, and the dedication that stands as the backbone of our continued success. 


The Pillars of Excellence: Service Beyond Expectation

PMG is no ordinary name in the field of mining maintenance. We have set out to revolutionise labour hire and mobile plant maintenance across the mining, transport, and construction industries.  

Be it shutdown maintenance services or fixed plant maintenance, we cater to a wide array of staffing needs, covering roles ranging from auto electricians to administration. Our spectrum of services spans underground labour support, mobile maintenance shutdown services, rebuilds, and repairs. 

At PMG, we are committed to refining services that fulfil our client’s necessities. The boundaries of our capabilities are virtually non-existent, we’re always looking one step ahead to fill the need before it arrives. 

This means we are constantly growing to source, train, and create a workforce tailor-made for project needs, sustaining it for as long as required. 

At every level, our team are agile and expert, delivering diverse roles and qualifications, always staying a step ahead in providing service that sets new benchmarks in the industry. 


Building Foundations on Trust and Inclusion

The journey of PMG is a testament to the power of fostering relationships rooted in trust and inclusivity, both with clients and employees. Despite being the “little guys” in comparison to our competitors, our impact is a big one. And that’s because we foster a work environment that prioritises safety and inclusivity, coupled with services that consistently deliver the premium quality we stand for. 

The spotlight of our business model is our unwavering focus on employee well-being. At PMG, we have cultivated a space that respects every employee’s personal growth, acknowledging that the pinnacle of our success is a direct reflection of our employees’ career development and satisfaction. 

Bridging Excellence with Employee Empowerment

At the heart of PMG lies an ’employees come first’ philosophy, evident in our flexible arrangements, where employees have the autonomy to choose their working hours, fostering a harmonious work-life balance. We value the time our employees spend at home, understanding the importance it has in their lives and, consequently, their contributions at work. 

We are dedicated to facilitating avenues for our staff to excel, embodying our tagline and motto, ‘Expect More’. We take this one step further with a team of elite specialists that form Premium Support – a novel concept in this industry. This crew defines service excellence, driven by a safety-first approach, hands-on experience, and clear goals on improvement. 



PMG is synonymous with foresight and agility, continuously evolving to meet the upcoming demands in the mining maintenance sector. This forward-thinking approach grants us a competitive edge, allowing us to act swiftly, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of the industry. 

As we forge ahead, PMG remains committed to upholding premium services, backed by a team that lives expertise and dedication.  

At Premium Mechanical Group, we don’t just set standards; we redefine them, promising a superior level of quality, paving the pathway to a future where our clients, employees, and the industry can ‘Expect More‘. 

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