Is an HD Fitter a High-Paying Job?

Know about salary of a HD Fitter.

Is an HD Fitter a High-Paying Job?

Considering that the mining industry contributes greatly to Western Australia’s economy, it’s easy to see why it’s also an attractive field for many job seekers. Many of the available posts provide excellent salaries, in addition to benefits like allowances for transportation and accommodations. Some may even offer access to premium facilities like fitness centres.

Aside from engineers, geologists, and miners, one of the most in-demand positions in mining sites are those for HD fitter jobs. After all, a lot of machinery and vehicles used in mining are fitted with Heavy Duty Diesel Mechanic Jobs Australia. This means that there needs to be someone assigned to ensure that these pieces of equipment are always running smoothly.

How Much Does a Fitter Earn in Australia?

If you’re a fully-qualified and experienced HD fitter, you can expect to earn up to $200,000 annual. Of course, if you’re working with a reputable recruitment agency, this salary can be best optimised through different salary sacrifice packages to minimise your income tax payments. 

Again, these figures and different salary sacrifice packages come with a host of other employment benefits. Depending on the company you work for, you may receive further bonuses. In short, being an HD fitter is definitely a well-paying job. Even those working in entry-level positions will find themselves earning more compared to their counterparts in other industries.

What Does a Fitter Do in the Mines?

Diesel is fairly inexpensive compared to other kinds of fuel. Additionally, diesel engines usually have higher torque outputs, which is needed for heavy-duty jobs.  As such, almost every piece of machinery you see in mining sites are powered by diesel engines. Some of these machines and equipment include hauling trucks, excavators, earthmovers, tractors, drillers, and power generators.

Thus, HD fitters are crucial personnel in mining sites because they handle the maintenance and repair of these diesel engines. The rough environment can take a huge toll on heavy-duty equipment, and it is up to HD fitters to keep diesel engines in great shape. If not, work progress can be seriously hampered and cause financial losses. More importantly, the safety of the crew may be compromised by faulty engines.

Depending on the size of the mining site, diesel fitters can work on multiple types of machines or be expected to specialise in certain types of equipment. They may also be assigned to work both in the field and in the mining site’s own machine shops. The job of an HD fitter might be challenging at times, but it also presents a lot of room to grow and improve your skills. If you have an HD fitter job and want something more stimulating, perhaps a mining site is the ideal workplace for you.

In general, working in the mining industry has a lot of perks. Indeed, it’s one of the highest-paying sectors in Australia. If you want an exciting career with top-notch compensation to boot, and you have the qualifications for it, why not try for an HD fitter job? You might just find the career that you can stay with and help you grow.


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