OH&S During National Work Safe Month

Importance of occupational health and safety in today’s workplace.

OH&S During National Work Safe Month

October is National Work Safe Month, so we’re taking the opportunity to explore why OH&S occupational health and safety are so important in today’s workplace.

When we go to work, we all deserve safety, a place free from physical and psychological harm.

Unfortunately, in 2020, 194 workers lost their lives due to workplace fatalities, and 120,355 workers made serious claims of injury or disease.

It’s up to everyone to make our workplaces safe.

National Work Safe Month, coordinated by Safe Work Australia, is a time to commit to building a safe and healthy workplace.

In a post-pandemic world, workplaces have been tested like never before. Facing new safety risks and hazards including disease transmission, mental health issues, remote work, and worker shortages which in itself has many implications for work responsibilities and overload, fatigue, and maintaining safety standards.

There is now a challenge to implement the learnings and solve problems that arose during the crisis. Arguably, one of the most urgent areas of attention flowing from the pandemic is worker burnout and stress, linked to the psychological aspects and impacts of a workplace.



A New Era in Technology

A double-edged sword, technology is both helping improve the safety of our workplaces as well as making some occupations obsolete or facing the future of being redundant.

So, it’s up to organisations to find ways to support workers in those roles to evolve and upskill as well as manage the emotional burden of this reality.

Technology is also part of the solution – offering new ways to protect workers, infrastructure and re-design a workplace for greater safety, such as in-cab driver fatigue management, collision avoidance, and remote work in dangerous environments.

Technology is now available to help monitor and assist in overall wellbeing, with new platforms offering managers and organisations a way to connect with their workforce in new ways.



A PMG Initiative

Premium Mechanical Group understands everyone has the right to feel protected at work and return home safe each day. This is why we operate under a zero-harm strategy and follow a ‘Think Safe, Work Safe, Stay Safe’ mantra.

By implementing exceptional worksite standards, life-saving rules, and effective return-to-work outcomes, we remain committed to investing our time, energy, and resources into prioritising safety in the workforce.

This includes an emphasis on mental health programs to ensure the mental wellbeing of their staff is supported and protected.

Our Managing Mental Health Tool Kit is available to everyone at PMG and provides information about finding resources that help support staff experiencing mental health problems in the workplace.

This Tool Kit contains links to websites and details of phone services that can provide accurate and up-to-date information on services and mental health best practices.

At PMG, our employees are our biggest priority. We want our team to feel comfortable coming to work with the knowledge that every workplace health and safety standard is being met and everything possible is being done to keep them safe.


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