Premium Mechanical is Painting it Blue for Mental Health

A man standing next to his customised Mine Spec Vehicle by Premium Mechanical Group.

Premium Mechanical is Painting it Blue for Mental Health

Australia has made amazing progress in breaking down the stigma surrounding mental illness, and Premium Mechanical Group hopes to help us all continue on this positive trajectory by partnering with The Blue Tree Project. The Blue Tree Project aims to raise awareness for mental health, especially in more rural areas, and encourage people to reach out and talk to someone if they are struggling.

Mental health can be a challenging topic to tackle in our industry, especially in very masculine environments where some may not feel comfortable sharing their emotions. As we know, a large majority of our workforce is made up of men, and evidence indicates that men are far less likely to seek help for mental health than women. Yet, one in seven Australian men experience depression or anxiety every year.1 Therefore, it is essential that we keep having the difficult conversations and make sure to continue checking in on our mates.

Beginning in May, our Blue Tree Project Ute will be travelling to various WA mine sites, proudly displaying the Blue Tree logo and the vital message that “It’s ok not to be ok.” We hope seeing our blue ute zipping around will spark some chats between co-workers and encourage everyone to check in with themselves, and each other.

If you are in the Newman area, you may also see our mental health message coasters floating around in the Mia Mia Hotel and The Capi (Capricorn Bar and Grill). Flip the coasters over, and you will find the URL for the Premium Mechanical Group Seek Help Website. If you feel like you need to chat with someone about how you are travelling, simply go to the website, and you will find links to mental health organisations that can offer immediate support.

At Premium Mechanical Group, the mental health of our employees is of the utmost importance, and we encourage anyone who is struggling to reach out to our Employee Assistance Program, where we can connect you with helpful resources.

We hope that our contribution to The Blue Tree Project will help not only FIFO workers and others in our industry, but all Australians, to start having more conversations about mental health and to reach out if they are struggling.

For mental health resources, please see our Seek Help webpage.

To learn more about the fantastic work that The Blue Tree Project is doing and how you can get involved, head to their website: bluetreeproject.com.au.


  1. https://www.beyondblue.org.au/media/statistics

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