Pros and Cons of Working in the Mines

Advantages of working in the mining industry.

Pros and Cons of Working in the Mines

Pros and Cons of Working in the Mines

There is no denying that FIFO mining jobs can be tricky. The FIFO lifestyle is very different to the regular 9-5 office job – the work is more challenging, and the pay is higher.

FIFO work can be incredibly rewarding and a workplace where you create friends for life. However, if employers do not provide the proper support, it can also take its toll on workers mental health.

Taking a FIFO job is a big decision. When it comes to making an important choice like this one, we find a ‘Pros and Cons’ or ‘Opportunities and Obstacles’ list can really help. Therefore, the Premium team has put together a quick list below to get you started!


FIFO worker salary, the chance to travel around Australia, leisure time between work rosters, be a part of the FIFO community, change jobs easily

For many, the generous FIFO worker salary is the main drawcard. Working FIFO can get you ahead in life by helping you save a lot of money in a short period. Your living expenses, like food and accommodation, are taken care of by the company. Therefore, more of your pay can go straight to your savings account.

FIFO work often takes place in remote locations. If you weren’t working FIFO, you might never have the chance to experience these regions of Australia and their natural beauty.

Your time off is completely your own. During your breaks from work – this may be periods of 1, 2 or even 4 weeks depending on your roster – you can leave the workplace behind and focus solely on your social life and passions.

When working a FIFO roster, you will be invited into a community of your peers that share the same shift pattern. This allows you to create great friendships and have some fun onsite.

As a FIFO worker, you can easily transition between roles and locations as your career grows without having to disrupt or uproot your family or move cities.


FIFO mental health difficulties, physical toll on your body, isolation, missing family and friends

Recent reports have shown that around 33% of FIFO workers experience psychological distress. Therefore, it is imperative that your employer does all it can to look after its workers. This might include fostering an environment that destigmatises mental health, providing support programs, offering flexible work rosters, and training leaders to watch out for their team.

FIFO life can also be physically hard on your body. For example, working a 12-hour night shift and sleeping during the day can be hard to adjust to, and the physical labour positions that require repetitive movements can cause wear and tear on the joints if not following correct manual handling procedures.

Many FIFO workers report that they feel isolated during their roster. This can take many forms. The worksites are often in isolated locations, far from the nearest big town. Meaning even in your downtime, you can only stay onsite between shifts. Also, when FIFO workers have time off, they may feel isolated from their hometown because they have been away so much.

The most obvious obstacle is that FIFO workers miss their family and friends. However, if employers ensure to provide stable lines of communication for their crew, they can stay connected and catch up with homelife throughout their roster.

Is FIFO life for you?

Remember that employer we were talking about? The one that prioritises their employees and provides support whenever needed? Well, that’s us – Premium Mechanical Group.

If you think FIFO life is for you, go to our Mining Jobs webpage today, and take a look at the FIFO opportunities available.

For more insight into FIFO life, please do not hesitate to contact the Premium team!


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