Securing a HD Fitter Job

Know about HD Fitter Jobs in Mining industry.

Securing a HD Fitter Job

Are you interested in a rewarding career in the mining industry? One of the options you have is to apply for HD fitter jobs. HD fitters are a respected and important part of any mine site team – they have a world of experience, knowledge and skills that are required to keep operations running smoothly. The job is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Being a physically and intellectually challenging position, these jobs typically attract individuals who are hard-working and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a HD Fitter?

In order to secure HD fitter jobs in mining, you have to first have the necessary qualifications. There are only two, in this case: a completed apprenticeship and a Certificate III in Automotive Electrical technology. An apprenticeship to become an HD fitter or automotive electrician usually takes four years to complete. Once you have these two requirements, you are already eligible to apply for an HD fitter job in a mining site.

It’s important to note, however, that most employers look for other qualifications like additional relevant training and prior experience. There are also other non-technical skills or traits that you should possess in order to be a good HD fitter, like having good eyesight and hand-eye coordination. A systematic approach to work and an aptitude for technology (and a willingness to adapt) are also important. Finally, HD fitters should also have good communication skills and a strong understanding of Mathematics.

What are the Duties of an Auto Electrician?

The scope of work of auto electricians jobs in Australia and HD fitters can include the following:

  • Diagnosing and locating problems using various test equipment
  • Repairing the said problems and performing tests to ensure proper operation
  • Dismantling components and installing new ones
  • Adjusting engine control systems
  • Testing newly acquired parts prior to installation
  • Installing additional components to improve performance
  • Performing regular maintenance checks and procedures
  • Discussing problems with relevant personnel and supervising the acquisition of new parts

Depending on your work arrangement with the mining company, you may be assigned to work in the site’s machine shop or be called to the field to provide on-site support. 

Resume Tips for HD Fitters

As mentioned earlier, those looking for HD fitter jobs in WA only need a Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology and a completed apprenticeship. To make your resume more appealing to potential employers, however, consider acquiring both a Certificate II and Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical Technology. It’s noted that experience is more valuable than a piece of paper – those with years of knowledge from working in the field are priceless assets to mining companies. 

You should also be skilled in using computerised diagnostic equipment and be knowledgeable in electronically controlled vehicle and equipment systems. Find relevant courses to keep yourself up to date with the best practices and the latest innovations. When you have the initiative in improving your knowledge and skills, employers will see this as an indication that you will apply the same pro-activeness at work.

Finally, you should indicate if you have any relevant licences like a Heavy Rigid or a Heavy Combination licence. You should also include any and all relevant workplace training related to health and safety. It’s also a good idea to have a health certification, indicating that you are fit to work in an environment like a mining site.

Having a job in the mining industry is definitely challenging and fulfilling, not to mention lucrative. There are also a lot of work opportunities year-round. Keep these details in mind and hopefully, you can secure an HD fitter job soon.


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