Ten Reasons to Become a Diesel Mechanic

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Ten Reasons to Become a Diesel Mechanic

Diesel Mechanics are in high demand! A Diesel Technician or Mechanic is a skilled worker who repairs, maintains, and rebuilds diesel engines and vehicles.

With training programs and apprenticeships readily available, here are 10 reasons to spark your interest.

1. A career to be proud of

Diesel Mechanics are specialised and vital to the functioning of many industries. Not everyone can do what you do, it’s a specialised area of expertise, which is both challenging and rewarding.

2. You’ll be in demand

Industries relying on diesel vehicles and machinery are expanding rapidly, such as mining, oil and gas, construction, farming and trucking. With the future of the industries looking bright, so does yours.

3. Great Salary

In Australia, Diesel Mechanics often start on a salary of around $70,000 and can earn upwards of $200,000 annually once qualified. And the only way is up. Learning on the job and specialised qualifications mean there are many pathways to build experience and specialise, to accelerate your salary.

4. Future growth

While you can train to become a basic diesel technician, there is room to grow your career and specialise to become even more sought after with greater earning capacity. Some areas to specialise in are farm equipment, rail, mobile heavy equipment or military.

5. Tech driven

Advances in technology mean Diesel Mechanics are offered further learning and specialised capacities when new technology comes along to enhance the operation of equipment and vehicles. New innovations also keeps the job interesting as you learn and integrate new tech into daily tasks.

6. Learning begins on the job

Your learning doesn’t finish when you complete your training. When you enter the field, this is where it really takes off. On the job training continues to stimulate your mind and improve your skills, as you develop a passion or skill in one specialist area, industry or part.

7. Variety, the spice of life

Each day you’ll encounter new problems, new parts, need new solutions and find new opportunities to use your knowledge across a variety of applications and machinery such as cranes, bulldozers, farm machinery or construction equipment, used for various functions like tilling the land, lifting beams and digging up earth. You’ll also have the freedom to visit a range of places and sites.

8. Scale Up

Diesel Mechanics are in demand on some big, international operations, which you’ll have a chance to be part of. This profession is essential in so many industries including construction, rail transportation, military and farming industries, which offer opportunities to be involved on a global scale.

9. Family-owned business

The scope of work means you also have the option to service smaller, family-owned operations to build personal relationships, as you specialise in a niche and establish yourself as a go-to-technician in the local industry.

10. Premium Mechanical Group

If you have skills as a Diesel Mechanic, you are of great value to us! We supply mobile plant maintenance personnel and labour hire services to the mining, construction and transport industries and are always in need of your skills. We prioritise our employees and are committed to fostering a safe and inclusive work environment.


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