The Future of Women in Mining

Mining Jobs for women in WA with Premium Mechanical Group.

The Future of Women in Mining

Countless studies across many industries have shown that increased diversity leads to a happier, safer, and more productive workplace.

Mining is the latest industry to discover these positive outcomes, with a recent significant shift in the number of mining jobs for females.


Increase in Women in Mining & FIFO

It’s finally happening! This is not a drill! We are seeing a real increase in the number of women in mining. In just four months, we saw female participation rise from 19% to 21%, with this trend set to continue.

The more women in the industry, the better the industry will be for women.

This increase is an encouraging signal that Australian women are starting to see FIFO as an excellent option for a rewarding (and highly paid) career and more mining jobs for females.


Women in the Mining Workforce

In 2021, the average woman in the mining industry was:

  • 40 years old
  • Had at least one university degree
  • Fell in the higher income bracket, with 75% of women earning more than the average Australian woman

From truck drivers to machine operators to engineers to project managers, women are found in many different FIFO roles.

The number of women that have been in the industry for over five years has significantly grown, meaning that the industry is now retaining more female workers, and women are moving up the ranks.

We are also seeing an increase in younger women (25-30 years) without families taking FIFO roles, especially entry-level or non-apprenticeship jobs, with the motivation of wanting to save money and travel.


Women and the FIFO Lifestyle

Wondering if the FIFO lifestyle is suited to women? Research by the Australasian Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health revealed that women cope with the FIFO lifestyle better than men.

When working away on rural mine sites, women reported less family stress, more family positives, better resilience and better physical and mental health.

As a result, the study concluded that, in general, women’s mental resilience allows them to be safe and more productive on-site.

FIFO has its pros and cons for everyone. However, it’s clear that women tend to find more pros than others and are better at finding ways to make it work for them.


Pathways for Women in Mining

Many women are keen to enter the mining industry and take on a FIFO role but don’t know where to start.

Many entry-level FIFO roles require no experience or qualifications. However, there are also many opportunities to undertake 1-3 year traineeships/apprenticeships and train onsite while getting paid.

Managers are eager to welcome more women into the industry, and many are happy to offer support and mentorships to women serious about advancing their careers in the sector.


Careers in Mining for Women with Premium Mechanical Group

To learn more about what your career in mining would look like, check out the A Career with Premium webpage.

Premium Mechanical Group prioritises inclusivity, work-life balance, flexible rostering and providing our employees with the top rates in the industry.

Browse the jobs available now, or contact our team with any questions about FIFO jobs and working in mining as a woman.

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