The Realities of FIFO Life

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The Realities of FIFO Life

The Fly In/ Fly Out career path has become increasingly popular in Western Australia with over 60,000 workers. Throughout the entirety of Australia, there are 365 mines and over 270,000 workers. FIFO work is very appealing for many, as the compensation can be extremely generous.

In 2015, a support policy for FIFO workers was implemented by the West Australian Government. Since then, closer attention is now paid to the unique challenges that come with FIFO life, and systems have been instituted to help FIFO workers and their loved ones face these difficulties.

Challenges for FIFO Workers

At Premium Mechanical, we prioritise the wellbeing and quality of life of our workers. Therefore, we have put together some information regarding some of the challenges of FIFO life. Working at a FIFO job can be a chance to set yourself up for your future and travel across Australia. However, it is essential to be informed in terms of some of the struggles that may arise.

  • Family & Social Life: A typical roster as a FIFO worker is fourteen days on and seven days off. The time away may affect relationships. FIFO workers are encouraged to engage in open and positive communication with the people in their lives to manage any difficulties.
  • Financial Management: It is essential to remain financially responsible while working FIFO and we highly recommend speaking to a financial advisor to help bring your goals to light.

Support for FIFO Workers

What should you expect from your employer?

The face of FIFO work has changed drastically in the last decade. Recruitment groups such as Premium Mechanical have placed a new emphasis on prioritising the needs of our candidates.

Instead of seeing our employees as someone who can simply tick a box or fill a spot, we have created a family within the industry. We look after our family.

Employee Benefits

Flexible Rosters

We take time to listen to your emotional and logistical needs regarding managing your family and social life and your roster preferences.

We specialise in creating flexible rosters that are tailored to your requirements. The flexibility is especially important for those with families, helping to ensure that you have enough time to share with your loved ones. Flexible rosters are also great for travel lovers. You can tailor your roster so that you have a little more time in between swings to do some exploring.

Employee Assistance Programs

Our Employee Assistance Program is completely free and confidential. The program is designed to improve the emotional and mental wellbeing of our candidates. We can also extend these services to include your spouse or family members if needed. The program is there to help workers through both work and personal problems. At Premium Mechanical, we know that if our workers feel their best, then the work environment is most productive.

Financial Advisory Services

Premium Mechanical partners with companies that can help our candidates with financial planning. Working in a FIFO role can be incredibly lucrative. It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to financial planning. Our candidates can meet with the financial advisory services to discuss any concerns they may have or just to seek general guidance.

Our workers must have the knowledge and support behind them to make the most of their money. With this help, our candidates can be smart with their paycheques and set themselves up for the future.


In a FIFO lifestyle, you may be removed from your usual community for a few weeks at a time. However, Premium Mechanical places emphasis on creating a community with our company. We find that if candidates feel they have mates at their worksite, their overall experience is much more positive. Premium Mechanical organises several team meetup events every year. We have found these are great places to meet those who have shared similar experiences and create connections outside of the busy work environment.


Our team ensures that lines of communication with our candidates are always kept open. We keep in close contact with our employees, ensuring to check in regularly to assess their experience in their position. Each swing may be different. Therefore, we know how important it is to keep reassessing how our candidates are going in their role, and making sure they are finding that it fits the lifestyle that they want.

Premium Mechanical Prioritises Our Workers

As with any career, FIFO work has its unique challenges. However, effective systems have been put into place to create the best possible work environment for FIFO workers.

At Premium Mechanical, we seek to understand the needs of our workers and prioritise their wellbeing. We craft a balance that allows our workers to gain all the financial rewards that come with FIFO while still feeling they have the chance to enjoy a life with their loved ones. We firmly believe that if we can help our workers to manage all of these challenges and provide support to create a positive home situation, our workers are safer and more productive in their roles.

We are devoted to finding a better way forward for clients, candidates, and employees.

If you are interested in FIFO work or would like to learn more about the opportunities in mobile plant maintenance that Premium Mechanical Group has to offer, please do not hesitate to apply for our FIFO positions or call us today on 08 9314 7182.

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