Tips to Get Hired in Auto Electrician Jobs

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Tips to Get Hired in Auto Electrician Jobs

One of the most important jobs in a mining site is maintenance. In particular, electricians have the critical responsibility of diagnosing and addressing electrical issues to ensure safety, productivity, and efficiency. However, mining sites are sprawling locations that not only have hundreds of electrical systems but also vehicles that need to be checked regularly. Therefore, it’s essential to have dedicated auto electricians who will focus on maintaining vehicles such as loaders, graders, and rock breakers.

If you’re interested in working as an auto electrician for a mining company, below are some things to keep in mind.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Be an Auto Electrician?

To secure auto electrician jobs in a mining site, you need to complete an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships are conducted by registered training organisations and usually lasts for four years. Certain apprenticeship programs are also required to complete automotive certificates. To find an electrical apprenticeship, you may want to find a trustworthy network to help you find a host employer.

You also need to obtain a vocational qualification to become an auto electrician. Pre-vocational training may also help, as this will give you a clearer picture of your possible career as an auto-electrician.

What Do Auto Electricians Do in a Mining Site?

As earlier mentioned, the primary difference between an electrician and an auto electrician is their focus. Electricians are tasked with general maintenance and repair of electrical systems within the mining site. These include maintaining distribution systems to ensure uninterrupted power, which is essential in communication, productivity, and workplace safety. Auto electricians, on the other hand, specialise in fixing mining vehicles.

Heavy-duty equipment like graders, mining scalers, rock breakers, and scoops have complicated electrical systems that make mining jobs easier. Auto electricians are responsible for diagnosing and identifying electrical faults in these vehicles’ electrical systems. After the correct diagnosis and isolation, auto electricians then repair and test these systems.

Other responsibilities of auto electricians include regular testing and quality checks of mining vehicles, as well as procuring electrical components. In addition, they may also need to remove, dismantle, and repair individual parts. Finally, auto electricians need to analyze data in order to develop ideal maintenance schedules to ensure the safety and efficiency of mining vehicles.

How Much Does an Auto Electrician Earn?

You may be curious: is being an auto electrician in a mining site a good job? The answer is yes. Indeed, you can easily earn $110,000 should you qualify for the post and get accepted. As you acquire more experience and earn more certifications, you’ll find that you can easily command higher pay.

In general, mining jobs in WA offer excellent compensation packages. Engineers can get paid up to $200,000. There are also plenty of other benefits on top of the competitive salary, including access to premium facilities on-site, travel opportunities, and long breaks from work.

If you’re looking for a lucrative and rewarding career, you may be interested in jobs in mining. The industry continues its upward trend, contributing billions of dollars to Australia’s overall income. With proper training as well as investment in continuous education and skills development, you’re sure to find a rewarding auto electrician job in one of many mining sites. 


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