What Can 2022 FIFO Workers Claim on Tax?

Understand the FIFO tax deductions.

What Can 2022 FIFO Workers Claim on Tax?

FIFO tax deductions can differ slightly from those in other office-based careers. Knowing what counts as a FIFO tax deduction is essential, so you can make the most of your tax return and follow the ATO rules.


FIFO Tax Deductions for 2022 – What can I claim?

  • Equipment and tools – less than $300 are fully claimable. Over this amount, you must claim for depreciation.
  • Renewal fees for machinery and equipment operating licenses, standard driver’s licenses and first-time machinery licenses are not included).
  • Meals that you haven’t been reimbursed and the cost of meals when working overtime. (Under $31.90/day)
  • Travel that is outside of your regular arrangement – if you have no regular worksite, drive between separate job sites in one day for the same employer, if you had to go to a different location for any other work-related reason. (E.g. training seminar or a meeting)
  • Protective clothing – safety glasses, gloves, reflective gear, sunscreen, hats. Keep your receipts when you buy protective gear to claim it.
  • Uniform – it must have your employee’s logo. Laundry can be claimed at a rate of $1 per load for work clothes.
  • Phone and internet if you have to stay in touch with your employer when not rostered on.
  • First aid course – if taking the course is compulsory.
  • Compulsory medical assessments and drug tests.
  • Education to further your career and related to your employment. EG. A TAFE course.
  • Other general expenses – if you are unsure if you can claim the expense, check with your employer and the ATO website.



When should I claim my FIFO tax deductions?

You must lodge your tax return before October 31 for the previous financial year.

For more information, check out the ATO website for mining site employees here.


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Disclaimer: The information in this blog is for general information only. It should not be taken as professional advice. Seek professional advice from a tax accountant before making any decisions about your personal financial situation.

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