What Mining Jobs Are Available in Australia?

Different Mining Jobs available in WA.

What Mining Jobs Are Available in Australia?

Mining is one of the biggest industries in Western Australia. Owing to its location and rich topography, the state is home to a number of mining sites. Therefore, there are quite a lot of mining jobs WA candidates can look forward to.

One of these mining jobs is, of course, being a miner. Above- or below-ground, miners are primarily tasked to extract coal, minerals, metals, and other valuable ores from the ground or rock face. Usually, miners are classified as hewers (those who hew or break the rocks) or drillers (those who bore holes in the rock using drills or explosives).

How Much Do Miners Get Paid in Australia?

Mining is a dangerous job. As such, miners and other workers in a mining site are well-compensated. Miners, in particular, earn an average of about $122,000 to $124,000 per year. This can increase up to $150,000 or even higher, depending on one’s qualifications and experience.

Aside from the ample pay, most mining companies also offer bonuses and other benefits for their employees and their labour hire workers. For example, mining sites often have swimming pools, gyms, basketball courts, and other fitness, sports, and entertainment facilities. There are also on-site cooks who provide meals, along with cleaning services, and in-room amenities like high-speed internet access. All of these are to ensure an employee’s comfort and well-being, especially in a worksite that’s far away from their families and the bustle of city centres.

How Do I Apply for a Mining Job in Australia?

Much like any other job, you have to have the necessary qualifications and experience to apply for a mining job. Having Work Health and Safety or WHS training will give you an edge over other applicants, although it is not necessarily a requirement. Of course, you should also have the applicable tickets and licences if you’re applying for specific trade jobs.

It would also be helpful if you network by talking to people who already work in the mining industry. Also consider attending relevant industry events. If and when you can, you could also try visiting a mining site yourself. Familiarising yourself with how a mining site works is a big plus.

What Are Other Jobs Available in a Mining Site?

Aside from the miners themselves, there are a lot of work opportunities within a mining site. For jobs directly related to mining, you can apply as a mine designer, explosives expert, machine operator, and truck driver and operator, among others.

For other job options, mining sites also need cleaners and waste disposal specialists, secretaries and receptionists, emergency responders and medical professionals, mechanics and electricians, cooks and chefs, and IT specialists. Remember, a mining site is essentially its own community and thus needs a full range of services. Make sure to ask labour hire companies if there are any openings for these kinds of posts and not just those directly related to mining.

The mining industry is a challenging one but also quite rewarding. If you’re looking for a job opportunity, perhaps this is the field where you’ll find fulfilment. Good luck on your future endeavours!

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