Where to Find Mining Jobs in Australia?

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Where to Find Mining Jobs in Australia?

Mining has long been a key player in Australia’s growing economy, and it looks like the industry has no plans on slowing down. In March 2019, it was reported that the mining sector hit a record high of $278 billion in profits, and this number is expected to rise by the end of the year. The industry is also one of the world’s top producers of lithium, cobalt, and other rare earth minerals, so it’s set to become a major supplier of minerals used to craft 21st-century technologies.

As such, Australian mining companies are always on the lookout for skilled workers to fill certain positions in their worksite. However, with so many vacancies available, applicants may have trouble getting a job that suits their skills and work experience. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best areas in Australia to find mining maintenance jobs, giving job seekers a head start on their job hunting experience.

Areas Where Mine Workers are In Demand

  • Western Australia

There are hundreds of mining jobs WA companies are offering to both advanced and entry-level workers. The region also has mining towns that provide a variety of accommodation options for job seekers who are looking to move and work in the area.

  • Queensland

Queensland’s resources sector is predominantly fuelled by its coal reserves, so the majority of the operations in the region are under the coal mining industry. Queensland also hosts many mining towns, especially in the Bowen Basin, that vary in size, facilities, and accommodations.

  • New South Wales

A number of towns in New South Wales service the region’s local agriculture and mining industries. However, like Queensland, coal is the region’s biggest export. Additionally, New South Wales is an ideal location for entry-level mine workers. This is due to its proximity to Sydney.

Types of Mining Jobs in Australia

Working in the mines is dangerous and taxing, so Australian mining labour hire companies need skilled workers who can perform the following duties:

  • Mining engineers (average annual salary of $120,000)
  • Bogger operators (average annual salary of $120,000)
  • Haul truck operators (average annual salary of $110,000)
  • Miners (average annual salary of $98,088)
  • Entry-level underground driller offsiders (average annual salary $90,000)

How to Get a Mining Job in Australia

Once job seekers have found a mining job in Australia that they feel they would fit, the next step is to apply for the position. This is one of the more difficult stages in the job hunting process because most Australian mining companies are very particular when choosing their candidates. 

That’s why, before applicants send out their resumes, they need to meet the minimum qualifications first. After all, job seekers who are certified and can provide proof of the following documents will have a better chance of landing the job:

  • Necessary licenses (e.g. vehicle license, heavy rigid license, etc.)
  • Qualifications or “tickets” earned from taking mining-related courses
  • Security clearances and medical requirements stating that they’re fit to work in the mines 

If job seekers are still having problems looking for mining jobs in the country, they can contact recruitment agencies and/or labour-hire companies for help. These agencies have the resources to connect workers with clients and projects that require their unique fields of expertise. They can also work with applicants with varying skill levels and those who are looking for permanent or temporary positions.

Australia’s mining sector presents a lot of opportunities to those who are willing to work in the industry. However, getting one’s foot in the door isn’t always easy. Thankfully, by knowing the best places to look for mining jobs, and having the right credentials, job seekers will have no problem starting their mining careers in Australia. 

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